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Here's How You Can Bag Yourself A Free Holiday To The Caribbean!

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Fancy a free holiday? Well it appears if you meet one criteria point set out by the producers behind a new TV programme, you could well be on your way!


Spun Gold TV who often collaborate with Sky and BBC are about to begin the process of selecting six lucky people to be whisked away to the picturesque island of the Bahamas for an “empowering holiday”. This exciting opportunity will be based around creating a documentary filmed at a hotel in the luscious, sunny destination of the Bahamas with a difference...


The programme will be set at the only plus size hotel on the island. And a swanky plush hotel at that!

 Beach resort bahamas plus size

Gorgeous views from the beach-side hotel. Photo Credit: The Resort, Bahamas.

At this point we know what you’re thinking, but this is a documentary with a spin…


The whole idea of the programme, which will be aired on ITV, is to celebrate being a plus sized man or woman. It is to be free of judgement, with other like-minded people and just have a great time. Although the producers are looking specifically for people whose weight makes them reluctant to go on holidays; a spokesperson for the programme reiterated: “The Resort is not a weight loss retreat”.


We understand first-hand the awkwardness and self-doubt that riddle the minds of many plus size men and women at the thought of getting their bodies out on a public beach. This why we are really looking forward to seeing this programme aired in the future and hopefully seeing it add to the wealth of positive resources that support all people, regardless of size, who need that hit of self-confidence!


The creators hope that “it will be an empowering documentary and [we] hope these individuals will take something away from the holiday”.


Although we here at Style908 would love a free holiday, especially to get to meet some of you and know you better; we would like to publicly announce that neither of us will be applying [Awwww :(]. However, if you would like to apply keep reading to find out how!


Beach Hotel Bahamas
You could be on your way to a free holiday to the Bahamas. Photo Credit: The Resort, Bahamas.

The concept of the programme did spark a bit of a debate in the Style908 office/household though.


On the negative side, it begs the question, are we really at a stage where we have to segregate people in order for everyone to have a good time? With this point of view the documentary comes across as a very dated idea.


However, this could be seen more as an interesting social experiment which looks at how people behave in different environments. Plus, it could actually turn out to be quite a popular idea as similar reality TV shows seem to be dominating the prime-time TV listings.


Overall though, we do like the idea, especially the way it is aimed at people who would usually avoid going on holiday and to the beach due to their weight. We’re sure that there are many people who can relate to that.


As promised earlier, here’s how to apply:

  • Send an email to theresort@spungoldtv.com before February 28th 2017 to speak to the programme producers
  • This email should include:
    • An explanation of who you are
    • A photo of yourself
    • Your contact number
    • A few reasons why you’d like to be part of the programme

The resort plus size hotel flyer

Could you benefit from some pampering on the sunny island of the Bahamas? Photo Credit: The Resort, Bahamas

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